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Deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Cronos and Polygon networks, Stronghands Protocol is on a mission to become one of the largest DeFi platforms for everyone, worldwide.

Stronghands Protocol community

Research and continuous Development, 24/7.

Research and continuous
Development 24/7

Stronghands Protocol is committed to creating new and exciting applications and utilities to extend functionality - however, there will always be an emphasis on quality over quantity. Using battle-tested code wherever possible, using Stronghands Protocol becomes a safer option for DeFi & on-chain utility.

Open-Source and Verified.

Transparency is Key.

Every single smart contract written by Stronghands Protocol is published and verified with source code available on reputable block explorers - additionally, these contracts are hosted on the public Github repositories.

DeFi is not about who writes a contract - it's about what it does. Your keys are always yours, and Stronghands Protocol will NEVER ask for them or need them for any purpose.

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NOTICE: This project is beta software and experimental in nature. Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. You are the only party responsible for your transactions.

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